Remi Relief

For me one of the most important elements to clothing is texture, especially softness.  As I walk through stores I don't even look at the clothes I just walk past the racks and touch them hunting for the softest clothes I can find.  And this is why I bring you the Remi Relief mens crew neck sweatshirt.  It is baby soft, luxurious and I can only imagine how much more snuggly a man could be wearing it.

Spurred by his love of California, avid skater/surfer Yutaka Goto, injects a heavy dose of inspiration from 1970's California, the Z-boys, and beach culture into his Japanese menswear line, Remi Relief. Under the motto "High Quality of Life", Remi Relief creates "ultimate American basics" with a fanatical approach to textile development that is exceedingly rare outside of Japan, utilizing intricate dying, print pigment, and vintage finishing techniques.

You can find them online at Milkmade, and at their Abbott Kinney store in Venice.  Don't forget to also pick up his super soft vintage inspired tees.

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