Blogs I'm Lovin': Life on Sundays

In the last few days the word "change" has come into my life on numerous occasions.  In my horoscope, yoga classes, and discussions with friends.  I certainly feel like I am at a crossroads in my life and seeking inspiration, which brings me to the blog Life On Sundays.  It is a recent discovery but quickly turned into one of my daily doses of inspiration.  It is visually stimulating featuring an array of inspiring images of art, fashion, design, architecture, music and nature.  I reached out to its Dutch creator Ferry Voorneveld to share my love for his work and he replied with an heartfelt response.  Along with many of you I feel I am always trying to choose a path that inspires and challenges me while continuing to pursue my creativity.  I wanted to share his note in the hopes it will remind you to create the journey you want.

From Ferry:

"I am glad to hear Life On Sundays is part of your daily inspiration.  I find that messages like yours drive me to keep working on this page.  Besides that,  I do this with a lot of fun. Fun is the primary ingredient for working on Life On Sundays. No rules, no expectations, everything will do. Just like one would do on a Sunday, take your time for your loved ones.

About a year and a half ago I wasn't feeling well at all. Work was a drag, personal life didn't make me happy anymore. It felt as if I was stuck in a cocoon and it drained my energy. I had the idea I couldn't channel my creativity.  At one point I decided to create a page where I could make my own personal moodboard. Just for me and for my pleasure only. It would and should never be my intention to gain followers, be 'popular' or anything. Trust me, I've tried that previously and failed miserably. It was very important that Life On Sundays would be something for me, to discover this path on my own.

My inspiration come from the same things as what inspires you. Simple things around me. Exploring little nooks in cities, cozy corners, long walks, smiling at 'strangers', sunlight peeking through green tree tops, omnious hissing of leaves in the wind in parks, the smell of summer, brick walls, espresso, and so on. Sundays in general.

Color, harmony, mood and rhythm are a big part of how I build up layers of images. Sometimes it feels as if I am playing with these ingredients. Thoughts like these make me smile, I hope that shows.

Looking back, this has brought me a lot of good things including contributing and writing articles for,  Journal de Nimes, consulting with Amsterdam design firms and interior design.  Sundays has brought me what I missed; fun and a clear direction in life. This 28 year old man is happy again, I regained my energy and I continuously try to inspire others to enjoy the small things in life."

Thank you Ferry for inspiring me xo


  1. love it - thanks for sharing. xx

  2. You are very welcome. Keep spreading the word. I love it too xoxo