West Coastin'

I am thrilled to share with you my skate fashion film West Coastin'.  I came up with the idea last year during one of my many visits to the Venice Skate Park.  It is a beautiful location right on Venice Beach and full of skaters with killer personal style.  I wanted to find a way to bring together all of these elements and with the help of the very talented director Keegan Gibbs we came up with a beautiful film.  A huge thanks to the cast Mark Wystrach and Chrissy Cauchi and behind the scenes team MUH Annah Yevelenko and Camera Assistant Jackson Winner.  Also a special thanks to All Saints for hooking us up with the beachy rock n' roll looks and The People's Movement for Mark's shoes (ps he is the man behind The People's Movement).


  1. Courtenay,

    West Coastin' made me miss the hood.
    Happy to read about all of your exciting
    endeavors. Get in touch with me.

  2. WOW Amazing! Is there no end to your talents??

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