"Spring Style Essentials" guestpot on Grenglish

If you need a daily dose of HILARIOUS then I suggest the cheeky UK mommy blog "Grenglish".  The blogger extraordinaire is my dear friend and old London flatmate Sarah Pylas and Grenglish is an ode to her Greek husband and life with his family.  I swear I laugh out loud every time I read it.  She makes the mundane things in life sound like a Monty Python episode.  To this day my two favourite posts are when she and the Greek "Godzilla" (her husband) decided not to drink for a week, and the post a few days later when they are back on the booze.  Take a moment to read these and get ready to laugh. "No More Wine-ing" and F@$%.

For Spring she asked me back to offer up my Style Essentials so you can put all the black away and bring some colour back in your life.  Click here for my "Spring Style Essentials" on Grenglish.

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