The Playlist: Alisa Torres (Los Angeles)

Alisa is back with some of her favourite tracks.  She is one of my go-to sources for all the music I would never hear about and always seem to fall in love with.  Lucky for me she has a keen ear and is a master cyber-stalker of bands.  Take a listen below.

Trust "Sulk"
Lemonade "Neptune"
Brian Eno "This"
Big Black Delta vs. War Widow "He's a Whore"
Trailer Trash Tracy's "Candy Girl"
Blouse "Into Black"
Estasy "Wild Wants"
Angelo Badalamenti "Just You"
Jeans Wilder "Cold Shoulder"

*Please Note:  The links given are not necessarily official videos or band links. 

PHOTO CREDIT:  Stepen Garnett

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