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Me & Rudy xo 

A few months ago my friend Elizabeth, owner of The Sydny showroom (amazing...check it out!) suggested I sign up for Instagram because it was the perfect tool to share my inspiration with my followers.  It went in one ear and out the other because for those who know me I am not a "technology" girl.  When I had to get a new iphone a few months ago I bought the 3G not the 4, Twitter is another language to me and I had Facebook messages in my inbox from 4 years ago.  But eventually I did listen to her advice and man was she right.... I am now OBSESSED with Instagram.  My friends and I always joke about "did you see it on Insta?" or "I am totally going to Insta that!".  I am hooked and I love sharing all the things that inspire me and fill my heart.  Here are some of my favourite snaps and don't forget to follow me    user name: courtenaybrandt.  You can also follow some of my favourites thesydny, bisousmagazine, samanthawills (jewellery designer), collettestore (famous Parisian store) and remember_paper (Brooklyn magazine).

Ghostly in Venice, CA

 Good Morning Venice!

 Bill Cunningham @ Norisol Ferrari show NYFW

View from Bisous Magazine headquarters during NYC Fashion Week

 Good night Santa Monica!

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