Abigail Stewart F/W 2012 (New York Fashion Week)

What a lovely treat the Abigail Stewart F/W 2012 presentation was today at New York Fashion Week.  I was not familiar with her line but became an instant fan.  It was romantic and ethereal with a bit of edge and a sprinkle of gold leaf.  The collection is called "Bone Machine" named after the 1992 album by Tom Waits. 

"Waits' magical musical reality is surrealistic  and dreamlike.  During concept development we drew on the imagery of dried bones, midnight landscapes, shapeshifters and hauntings.  The resulting garments reflect the ethereal quality of ghosts, but are confined to skeleton-strict structures."

To discover more of her beautiful designs go to www.abigailstewart.com


  1. thanks for the gold leaf mention! so lovely to meet you at the presentation the other day. :)

  2. Lovely to meet you as well Katie and thanks for the note. And you are so right about the gold nail polish in the box....it is my new obsession!