What to get your Guy

Kings of Leon Early Vinyl Box Set $130  
We all know I am a little biased with this gift but it is also a must for every music lover this season.  A beautifully crafted vinyl collection of the bands early albums, along with unseen photographs from the album shoots and four unreleased live tracks. 

Tyro “Bead Stitch Skully” $175
A super soft toque/beanie to keep your mans head warm.  Handmade in Peru.

Rolling Stones “Ladies and Gentleman” DVD $11
The perfect background ambiance for a dinner party or just chillin at home with a good bottle of red.  The Stones are at their best on this dvd shot over four nights in Texas during their 1972 “Exhile on Main Street” tour.  The perfect gift for every Stones fan...which is most of us.

“Guts and Glory: The Golden Age of American Football” 
by Neil Leifer $50
A vast collection of iconic football images from famed sports photographer Neil Leifer during the 1958-78 seasons.  Including his most famous shot of Alan Ameche’s game winning “Sudden Death” touchdown which Leifer took on his 16th birthday.

Apple TV $99
The one stop shop for all of your man’s viewing and listening pleasures.  HD movies & TV, Netflix, Youtube, music from iCloud and Airplay can all stream through this one Apple TV device.  Not that I know what that means, but I am sure he will.

J Crew “Vintage Flannel Shirt” in Buffalo Plaid $69.50
I am a sucker for a man in a red plaid shirt.  There is something so rugged and effortless about it.  And I must say J Crew has nailed the market on button up shirts.  Super soft and affordable.

Aiaiai “TMA-1” Headphones $275
Style Council member and DJ, Lucien Etori offers up his number one pick for headphones this season.  In his words “They are not break-the-bank expensive.  They’re dead stylish....and they’re straight outta Denmark”.

1960s “Surfer” Skateboard $300
Who says you can’t use skateboards and surfboards as art...I do.  I have a 9ft long board hanging on my wall and it is always a conversation piece.  I dig this one at Surfing Cowboys but also take a look on ebay where you can get some amazing finds.

Greg Lauren Distressed Cashmere Sweater $1250
If only you could find your husband by a sweater, because this is how I would find mine.  Distressed, uneven finishes and 100% of the finest, softest cashmere around.  Pure sweater heaven!

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