Music Week "Best of 2011" - Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence
US PR & Marketing Manager, All Saints
New York City

Top 5 Albums of 2011
Listening to new music is like meeting someone new.  Things are a little slow at first, but upon spending more time with them, you learn about their personalities and intricacies that you love.  Below are some ‘friends’ that I’ve met in the past and are dear to me, while three are new ‘friends’ that I am excited to watch and follow in 2012.

Washed Out  Within & Without
I originally discovered this guy in 2009 with a song “Feel it all around” that brought me to a happy, calm place.  That one song introduced me to the world of this lovely, slightly dreamy-pop ‘Chillwave’ music.  The new album “Within & Without” has 9 songs that are pure ecstasy.  Highlight tracks for me include “Amor Fati,” “Echoes,” “You and I,” “Eyes Be Closed.” 

Active Child   You Are All I See
Was introduced to this band at a show opening for James Blake.  AMAZING!!!  I didn’t know any of the songs, but felt like I just met my generation version of Joy Division + the male version of Joanna Newsom + John Maus!! It was an instant connection. A mix of harp, laced with some dubstep, a piercing lingering voice + good beats = staying on my playlist for a while.  Check out “Hanging On.”

M83  Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
As soon as the debut track “Midnight City” dropped early in the fall – I knew the 2011 release of “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” would make its way on my go-to- following my favorite songs from the 2009 release of “Saturdays = Youth.”  “Midnight City” is a powerful, fun song – can just imagine driving a car with all the windows down and going fast on an open highway with this song blasting and having the feeling of being invincible.

Cults  Cults
My brother actually introduced me to this band through another Brooklyn based band, Guards.  The Cults appear on a song “Sail It Slow” and this instantly peaked my interest.  While their music is slightly different… one can see the similarities. Cults offers a easy listening peppy pop.   Listen to “Go Outside,” “You Know What I Mean,” “Most Wanted” and “Oh My God.”

The Vaccines  What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?
The Vaccines are my generation of The Strokes!  Listen to “Norgaard.”

Top Songs of 2011
Starfucker  "Julius"
James Blake & Bon Iver  "Fall Creek Boy's Choir"
Mr. Little Jeans   "The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover)"
Jai Paul  "BTSTU"

Top 5 Concerts of 2011
Kanye West @ SXSW (Austin, TX)
Arcade Fire @ Coachella (Palm Springs, CA)
Bon Iver Celebrate Brooklyn @ Prospect Park Bandshell (NYC)
James Blake/Active Child @ Bowrey Ballrom (NYC)
Guards/The Drums @ Webster Hall (NYC)

Bands to Watch for 2012
IO Echo
Future Islands
White Denim
Tony Castles
Fool's Gold

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