Music Week "Best of 2011" - Alisa Torres

Alisa Torres
Los Angeles 

Top Albums 2011 
BLOUSE  Blouse
A perfect record. Every song is great.My favourite tracks are "Into Black", "Time Travel", "Videotapes" and "Controller".

NURSES   Dracula
I can't say enough about Nurses. They should be massive. Their last album, "Apple's Acre" made me a huge fan, and their 3rd studio album, "Dracula" does not disappoint. The lead singer's voice is phenomenal, drums and bass are perfection, and they're just as impressive live, as they are on tape.  

AUSTRA  Feel it Break
 She's incredibly talented, vocally, and she really shines in every song. Second song in, the chorus starts with the line, "I came so hard, in your mouth"... She makes the list on girl power, alone.

 NY duo. Incredible live.  The singer is one bad ass bitch. They make the perfect dance music.

BLOOD ORANGE  Coastal Grooves & Exotica Sage mixtape
Dev Hynes as Blood Orange is his best work yet, in my opinion. He puts out a lot of demos/remixes, so find everything you can. A true musician, he vomits hits.

Top Concerts 2011:
The Drums
Das Racist
Light Asylum
*All shows at the Echo/Echoplex in Los Angeles

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