Gifts for the Home

Knot Basket by Shigeki Fujishiro $200-$270 
I have been eyeing these baskets for two years now and I am not sure why.   I have never been attracted to bright reds and this will only store one month of my fashion magazines but there is something so striking about it.  Who knew such a simple item as a red woven basket could make such a statement in your home.

Adopt a Reindeer 20 GBP  
A festive way to help a cause this Christmas.  Gift Republic has many animal organizations you can make a donation to including Wild Horses, Sharks, Elephants.  Find one that is near and dear to your hosts heart and make a donation.

CB2 Tambien Smoked Barware $3.50-$3.95 
Keep your drinks cool in these smoked black tumblers from CB2.  An inexpensive way to add some edge to your kitchen.

Virginia Hey Couture Soy Candles $48 
One might say I am obsessed with candles, especially when they are soy.  Virginia Hey makes organic soy candles luxurious.  I have Sea which brings the breezy smells of the ocean right into my living room.  With three collections to choose from Fleur, Casablanca and Homme you will no doubt find your desired scent.

DL & Co Gold Snuffer $38 
I love gold, skulls and candles so this is the perfect housewarming gift for someone like me.  Why not put out your candles in style with this cool snuffer from DL & Co.

Le Crueset Ceramic Black Cookware $20-$280 
Who says cooking can’t be badass...well these timeless Le Creuset pots are the key to cool cooking.  They are pricey but will last a lifetime and trust me I know, my mom has been using hers for over 30 years and they still work like a charm.

Sortilege $20 
I am proud to be Canadian and I am proud that this heavenly whiskey is from my homeland.  It is a maple syrup whiskey that leaves a sweet taste on your lips.  It is  the perfect aperitif for those cold winter nights.....and is best straight up.

Matteo “Folk” Table Napkins $75 set of 4 
These are the softest napkins ever!  Put an end to paper napkins and indulge your holiday host with these heavenly linens which will remind them of you at every meal.  LA residents they are having a sample sale Dec 7-11.  Go to their website for details.

Babycakes Cupcake Maker $29.99 
The cutest little cupcake maker ever.  Bakes mini cupcakes for your little sweeties in just 5 minutes without a mess.  Also comes in red and yellow.

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