"Force of Nature" by Laird Hamilton

I have never read a self-help/wellness book in it's entirety.  Usually I read the first chapter, think I get it and never open it again.  But then came along "Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul and of course Surfing" by Laird Hamilton.  Laird is undeniably the greatest big wave surfer ever and when he offers up his advice on how to live a healthy, productive and successful life you listen because a man that can successfully ride a 60ft + wave must know what he is talking about. 

As the title suggests he speaks about four key elements: mind, body, soul and surfing.   For the mind he discusses the power the mind has over the body.  How you can overcome fear, set goals and reap the rewards of risk taking.  

The Body sections focus on how to be in top physical shape with suggested circut training, yoga poses, nutrition and supplements.

The Soul is about the flow of life.  A reminder to enjoy life through all of it's ups and downs and fulfill your passions.  

And of course Surfing.  Even if you don't surf there is still insightful advice in these chapters.  I am still taking surfing baby steps but hope to successfully ride a wave one day.  

This book is a reference you will go back to many times in your life.  Laird takes the basic fundamentals of life that we often forget and makes them easy to remember.

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  1. Laird makes an appearance in "The Descendants". Was a surprise! You need to see it...so much Hawaii love.