For the Coffee Table

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For the Fabulous Gay:  "David Gandy" by Dolce & Gabbana
A sexy  tribute to the longtime Dolce & Gabbana muse and model David Gandy.  It will leave him feeling all hot and bothered.

For the Fashionista:  Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty"
I was lucky enough to visit the Savage Beauty exhibit in NYC this summer and it was breathtaking.  I am still in awe of McQueen’s creations and exceptional talent.  There will never be another designer like him and this book is a beautiful gift to his fans who always remember him.

For the Collector:  "Hedi Slimane: Anthology of a Decade 2000-2010"
The $600 price tag seems ridiculous for a series of books but trust me the value will go up quickly.  The book is already out of print and just like the photographer himself....elusive.

For the Surfing Nostalgist:  "Surfing Photographs From the Seventies" 
"Surf 80s"
by Jeff Divine
Divine is noted as one of surfings original photographers and in these books gives us a look back at the colourful surf cultures of decades past.  They are also great resources for personal style and how trends keep coming back around.

For the Homebody: 
"Houses 2" by Tom Kundig  
"Wabi Inspirations" by Axel Vervoordt
I am a sucker for books on beautiful homes and interiors that leave me dreaming of who gets to live there and that I can’t wait until the day that I am throwing parties at my villa on the sea.  Houses 2 is all about the clean lines of modern architecture perfectly complimenting the natural setting where they lay.  Wabi Inspirations takes a more spiritual approach with it’s Buddhist influence combined with the earthy, natural textures of stone and wood. The text can be distracting but the images are beautiful.

For the Chef:  "My Last Supper The Next Course" by Melanie Dunea
The Next Course picks up where it’s successful predecessor My Last Supper left off.  Featuring 50 more of the worlds top chefs answering the question with a recipe of “what would they eat for their last meal on Earth?” 

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