All Saints Basement Sessions "Best of 2011"...Part 1

AllSaints Basement Sessions BEST OF 2011 Special - Part One - 02.12.11 by AllSaints Spitalfields
Chris Tubbs  Host, Basement Sessions 
Tom Hutt  Head of Music, All Saints
London, UK

To kick off Music Week is the All Saints Basement Sessions "Best of 2011" Part One hosted by the cheeky London duo Chris Tubbs and Tom Hutt.  It is the perfect setlist to get your groove on while you get ready for your holiday parties.  Or just to start your day like me, I can't stop listening to it.  Check back on Friday for their "Best of 2011" Part Two.

"Part One" Track Listing
Tiger & Wood  "Gin Nation"
Noir Haze   "Around" (Solomun vox mix)
Metronomy   "Corinne"
Mebus   "Light My Fire" Light Sounds Dark Edit
St. Vincent   "Cruel" 
PJ Harvey   "The Words That Maketh Murder"
Little Dragon   "Crystalfilm"
Jai Paul   "BTSTU" (Edit)
M83   "Midnight City"
Joakim   "Forever Young"
Beirut   "Santa Fe"
Givers   "Up Up Up" (Body Language Remix)
Ne Noya (Daphni Edits)    "Cos Ber Zam"
Tune-Yards   "Gangsta"
SBTRKT   "Pharaohs"

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